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DVD Cover Postcard
Bernice’s” night out…Meow…

Even with a bitchen hangover, a mani is a must

Touchin up my Tat


Date Night

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for Cricket’s comic turn as “Bernice” in the
Nationwide Theatrical Release of:

Shot entirely in LA, with a kick-ass Score by
DIRTY VEGAS, this film is simply a
sick party caught on film…

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Mai 1
Mai 2

Mai 3

Watch Cricket give voice to “MAI” in

As “Mai”, the daughter of Omashu's reigning
Fire Nation governor


Meet Manhattan Monologue Slam's reigning
“Los Angeles Monologue Champ”!

Constantly Distracted 1
Constantly Distracted 2

Constantly Distracted 3

Constantly Distracted 4

Constantly Distracted 5

Constantly Distracted 6
Cricket’s One-Woman Show

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